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About Nellenby

Thank you for visiting Nellenby, a web store and gallery. Here you will find art creations to make a part of your life. Artist-created from original designs and paintings. NancyB designs every product with her art.
NancyB in Nellenby

About the Artist NancyB

Lover of - dark black coffee, 85% Lindt chocolate, laughing, modern art with large color shapes and scratchy black lines, Jim the gardener, my children Laura and Matthew and their loves, helping people, riding my blue bike, Boston, the open spaces of Wayland, Mass.

NancyB is a trained artist, with a degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She grew up with the influence of family artists just outside of Boston. 

She creates a variety of art, including animal character illustrations, traditional style oil paintings both landscape and still life, and mixed media design inspired by Picasso. She has sold and exhibited in the Boston area for years.

The Nellenby web store and gallery is a way to share her artwork with you on things you may like.

Nancy is the President of Arts Wayland, a non-profit arts organization in Wayland, Massachusetts. She and member artists created the W Gallery in the Wayland Town Center in a space lent to Arts Wayland for community art and music.

The W Gallery in Wayland Mass

The W Gallery, Photo Credit - JP Ducondi

About the Collections

The collection ‘Inspired by Classics’ are illustrationNancyBs that remind us of the classic children’s books of the past, and of cartoons created with lithography for books and magazines of the late 1800s. They live in a fictional world, "Nellenby".

'Inspired by Picasso', is based on interpretations of Picasso’s art. These designs make unique products that will fit well in a contemporary home, as well as hip personal accessories.

‘Inspired by Tradition’ uses paintings and drawings created in a traditional style. From oil paintings of still life in the studio, or from plein aire landscape painting.

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