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Online - Eastern standard time - 9 to 5pm


Wayland, Massachusetts

Wayland, Massachusetts

Online - Eastern standard time - 9 to 5pm

Nellenby - Inspired Design by NancyB

Original Creations and Inspired Art 

NancyBI create products and gifts with my original art designs inspired by the world around me.

My art journey started many years ago growing up in Boston. It was nurtured by my mother, an accomplished artist, and other family member artists. Attending art school in Boston introduced me to the wider world of great artists and art styles.

My animal characters are inspired by all the characters I met growing up in Boston.

I hope my creations bring you happiness and brighten your home.

All are created in my studio in Wayland Massachusetts.

Your satisfaction is very important to me. Please share your experience with my creations on social media. I hope to spread the word about my work with your help. @nancyboyleart