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About Nellenby

Thank you for visiting Nellenby, a web store and gallery. Here you will find artist-created products from original designs and paintings. 

Nancy Boyle

Nancy Boyle works in a variety of art styles: animal character illustrations, traditional style oils, and designs inspired by Picasso. She has a degree from Mass College of Art and Design. She grew up with the influence of family artists just outside of Boston. Her career involved work as an illustrator and graphic designer in a number of industries. She lives in Wayland, Mass. and volunteers for Arts Wayland.


Mary LibbeyMary Libbey grew up in Dorchester, Mass. She attended Mass College of art in 1942. When WWII began she left school and worked as a draftsman in the Quincy Shipyard. Her career continued and she worked as a technical illustrator for engineering projects. Throughout her life she continued her fine art studies. She raised a family of five children in Hyde Park, including her oldest daughter Nancy Boyle. She lives in Chelmsford, Mass.


About the Collections

Contrast Series combines elements in different styles. Some combine the work of two artists a generation apart, mother and daughter. Some combine different styles by one artist: Line drawing and colored collage for example. Some are from the distant past combined with current times.

The collection ‘Inspired by Classics’ are illustrations inspired by classic children’s books and vintage cartoons. Nellenby is a fictional place that grew out of this series.

'Inspired by Picasso', is based on interpretations of Picasso’s art. 

‘Inspired by Tradition’ uses paintings and drawings created in a traditional style. From oil paintings of still life in the studio, or from plein aire landscape painting.

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